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select an inflation value scenario from the list

please note: we currently support a maximum of 2,000 documents/query - download PuReD-MCL for unrestricted use

Run a query as if you were using PubMed, wait through the progress page, and click the relevant link to view the results. The basic output we offer now provides, for each inflation value, and for each cluster, the MeSH terms that best describe and differentiate that cluster, and the PubMed documents that contain each such MeSH term. We also provide a network-based visualisation of the same information with Medusa, which requires the latest Java and obviously is not suited to large datasets.

The inflation value controls the granularity of the clustering, the lower the value, the lower the granularity, i.e. the lower the value, the larger the clusters. So please select one of the predefined scenarios.

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a collaboration between the Institute of Agrobiotechnology (now Institute of Applied Biosciences) at CERTH and the Department of Informatics at the School of Natural Sciences

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